Our COVID-19 Response Policy

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Complaint and Appeal handling process

On receipt of the complaint Obsequentia is to confirm whether the complaint relates to Obsequentia Pty Ltd. If the complaint relates to Obsequentia then the complaint and handling process is to be followed. Complaints are to be emailed to All complaints received are to be assessed by the Managing Director and/or someone independent from the complaint. The complainant is to be supplied with progress reports and the outcome. The purpose of the progress reports is to provide confidence to the complainant that their complaint is being taken seriously. Once the complaint has been assessed appropriate correction and corrective action(s) are to be taken. Information relating to the complaint is to be kept confidential throughout the complaint handling process and even after the complaint has been resolved. Accreditation bodies such as JASANZ are to be notified if a complaint or appeal remains unresolved between Obsequentia Pty Ltd and the complainant for more than three months. An appeal will not result in any discretionary actions against the complainant by Obsequentia. If a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint handling process, they may refer the complaint to the relevant accreditation body, such as JASANZ.