Gap analysis Audit

A gap analysis cannot be commenced until the client has accepted the Obsequentia proposal. The purpose of the gap analysis is to identify the gaps in the client’s management system. The gap analysis involves completing an assessment against the level of compliance against a particular standard. The Stage 2 audit reviews:

  • The client’s management system documentation
  • The client’s location and site-specific conditions and determines the client’s preparedness for the Stage 3 certification audit
  • Review the client’s status and understanding regarding requirements of the standard(s), in particular respect to the identification of key performance or significant aspects, processes, objectives, operation of the management system
  • Review the allocation of resources for Stage 3 certification audit and agree with the client on the details of the Stage 3 certification audit.

At the completion of the gap analysis, the client is presented with an audit report that identifies areas for improvement and any identified nonconformities.