Government grants for Management Systems Certification

Common feedback is often that organisations do not have the funds to get certified. Many Australian businesses are in fact eligible for help with their certification through a government funded Business Growth Grant (part of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme). This grant can be used to improve the ability and skills of your business to trade.

The government grant is targeted at the following Australian growth sectors:-
* Advanced manufacturing
* Food and agribusinesses
* Medical technologies and pharmaceuticals
* Mining equipment, technology, and services
* Oil, gas and energy resources.

The intended outcomes of funding for the business funding grant are:
* Improved management skills
* Improved business systems and process
* Improved ability to identify and leverage growth opportunities
* Extended business networks to increase market and supply chain participation
* Improved business performance
* Increase the capability of your organisation to trade in Australian markets and/or international markets.

The attached Youtube video further explains the Business Growth Grant.

For further information regarding government funding opportunities for management system certification please email

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