How to keep costs to a minimum for a Certified Management System

There is common myth that a certified management system is expensive to maintain. However, costs in reality should be reduced when implementing a certified management system. Here are a few tips for ensuring that costs of maintaining a certified management system are kept to a minimum:
internal audits

  • Ensure that processes are streamlined and that there are no areas of overlap. Duplication frustrates users
  • Ensure documentation is user friendly. Get input from staff that will be using specific documentation. Getting feedback from the beginning could reduce the amount of rework further down the track
  • Conduct internal audits / management reviews as and when they fall due. If they are left just prior to an external audit then staff overtime costs could be incurred
  • Ensure that there are several staff trained on how to conduct internal audits. Organisations need to avoid the situation where there is only one person in the organization who can conduct internal audits. If that particular person is sick or leaves the organization an external consultant may be required to complete internal audits
  • The culture within the organization needs to be one that incorporates processes in every aspect of the environment. Senior management need to support this ethos and promote the sustained benefit of implementing and maintaining a certified management system.

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