Maintaining certification

Once you are certified you are issued with a certification certificate. This certificate contains details of when the certification expires. In order to maintain your certification you are required to complete surveillance audits. The objective of the surveillance audits is to ascertain whether the management system is being maintained.

In order to ensure that annual surveillance audits are as pain free as possible it is important to ensure the following:-

  • Management system processes are followed on a regular basis
  • Project documentation is completed when required and not retrospectively
  • Internal audits are conducted in accordance with the Audit Program
  • New staff are inducted and are made aware of all organisational processes
  • Organisational improvements need to be documented and when required appropriate revisions made to management system documentation.

If you do not conduct your surveillance audits then you run the risk of having your certification lapse. The consequence of letting your certification lapse is that you can ultimately damage your organisation’s business. You will also need to remove all references to your certification from all marketing material. Failure to do so could result in legal action.

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